Marguerite Ford
Colleen has been involved in civic affairs since she was a teenager working on TEAM campaigns. She is bright and energetic and has a good grasp of the issues. She will make a real contribution on Vancouver City Council.
Barry Leinbach
Colleen Hardwick was born and raised in Vancouver and has the history, interest and expertise to facilitate change in a planned approach. On voting day please remember to vote for a true Vancouverite that has our best interests at heart and vote for Colleen Hardwick.
Elizabeth Murphy
Colleen Hardwick supports genuine community participatory neighbourhood-based planning. That is what we desperately need now. Colleen would be a good addition to council.
Shirley Chan
I’m voting for Colleen because she understands city planning and responsibilities, and consults citizens on civic issues.
Darlene Marzari
Colleen Hardwick is a neighbourhood advocate and one of the few candidates who understands land economics in our city, and has the competence, passion and history to make a living city plan happen.
Setty Pendakur
Colleen is knowledgeable and experienced in urban affairs, especially aware of the challenges facing the City of Vancouver. Her participation in Vancouver Community Development is impressive. I would urge everyone to support her strongly and spread the word about her positive candidacy.
Ray Spaxman
Colleen’s deep knowledge of the crucial planning and development processes and a proven commitment to genuine community engagement would be an enormous asset on City Council.
David Hardwick
Colleen is a bright and able candidate who can and will bring to Vancouver the kind of changes needed!
Patrick Condon
I have known Colleen for more than 15 years working with her on community activities and on her Phd committee. Colleen has more dedication to the city and entrepreneurial drive than almost anyone I know. Her work with PlaceSpeak is a truly revolutionary way to work productively and respectfully with city residents. Her respect for democracy makes her an absolutely essential addition to the Vancouver City Council.
Michael Geller
More than 65% of the matters dealt with by City Council relate to land use. For her entire life (literally) Colleen has been engaged in matters related to planning and land use. She will be a great asset to the next council, regardless of its political make-up.