Hardwick to comment on Broadway subway

NPA candidate for Vancouver council Colleen Hardwick will hold a media availability and photo opportunity on Wednesday October 10 at 3 p.m. at the corner of Broadway and Arbutus streets to discuss her perspectives on the proposed Broadway subway.

Ms Hardwick has extensive experience in urban planning and city governance issues and is committed to enabling distributed density throughout the City by reactivating streetcar/surface passenger rail services in areas where there are existing right-of-ways suitable for that use, and in transit and transportation solutions in general.

Ms Hardwick provided a preliminary summary of her views about transportation and housing policy reforms in Vancouver at her election campaign launch on Sept. 5 in Olympic Village near the existing rail right-of-way (see photo) that was used during the 2010 Winter Olympics. A video clip of her remarks there can be viewed here.

Ms. Hardwick is advocating for alternatives to the proposed Broadway subway which recently increased from $2.1 billion to $2.8 billion with a proposed $700 million coming from the City.  Most cost estimates for more than doubling the length of the line to cover the extra 6.5 to 7.5 km between Arbutus Street and UBC are north of $4 billion.

Instead, she suggests that the City reactivate the Downtown Streetcar project which would support existing density on the north and south sides of False Creek, originating at the Convention Centre, swinging around Science World, proceeding  past Granville Island and up to Arbutus and Broadway. There the line would split with some trains going to UBC and others down the Arbutus Greenway and eventually to the Fraser Lands. This approach will enable distributed density throughout the city as a whole, is far less expensive and is in keeping with the legacy of the Liveable City.