Our city is at a tipping point. Vancouverites are frustrated by affordability challenges, by the decline of core services, and by the lack of accountability at City Hall. We deserve an affordable, liveable, inclusive community. Vancouver’s future needs to be driven by us, its residents, the people and families who reside or own businesses and pay taxes within the 115 km2 of land that we call home.

Financial Accountability

The problem of affordability in Vancouver is not solely the lack of affordable housing. The lack of affordability has been caused across the board by the multifaceted taxation being levied on all sectors of our city for services and projects outside the mandate of the local government. We need to press pause, conduct an audit and core review to identify any inappropriate spending and drive the rebuild of a culture of excellence and innovation in our local government by empowering City staff to do their jobs without political interference - and give the public unprecedented opportunities to ensure that City Hall is spending their money wisely and working hard to meet their needs.

Colleen and the NPA TEAM will:

  • Respect taxpayers and get the City on solid financial ground.
  • Give Vancouverites a meaningful voice in the future of Vancouver.
  • Deliver a Transparency and Accountability guarantee so you can be confident City Hall is working for you.
  • Get City Hall back to basics on core public services - no ideological crusades or pet projects.
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Public Consultation

It is vital to restore meaningful public engagement - giving you a real say on what happens in your neighbourhood and city - and to standardize procedures for public consultation with a defined timeline that provides certainty for all stakeholders and community members.

A large part of a representative's role is to engage with the people, keep them informed about potential changes in their neighbourhoods, consult with them through multiple channels, involve them in dialogue and deliberation, collaborate, and ultimately empower the people toward more direct decision-making. Instead of the current top-down autocratic decision-making practices and ideologically-driven policies, we need to support the grassroots and re-establish transparency and accountability in the public policy process.

City-Wide Plan

Vancouver is a city of neighbourhoods and has gone too long without a renewed city-wide plan that highlights the uniqueness of each neighbourhood and recognizes the individualized needs of each community.

We will stop the practice of planning based on developer contributions and instead give control back to its residents through real public consultations, albeit still taking into account the expertise of stakeholder groups, planning specialists, and teachings from cities around the world.

Attainable Housing

Bold action on Vancouver’s housing crisis is long overdue. It is vital that we give Vancouverites better opportunities for attainable housing options for Vancouverites to rent and buy – breaking the building permit logjam at City Hall, introducing smarter zoning with strong, meaningful public consultation, and working effectively with not-for-profits, the private sector, and other levels of government.

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"Density without transit is just dense!"

We will launch a comprehensive, city-wide, independent review of Vancouver’s transportation systems and mobility challenges. Vancouver’s transportation network needs to keep pace with the city’s growth and meet the needs of all Vancouverites. We’ll tackle congestion with a healthy balance between transit, cycling, walking, and cars ​– based on evidence and global best practices, not ideology. The transit network should broadly cover the arterial grid in an economically viable system that serves all the citizens of the city rather than a few overdeveloped, expensive transit corridors. Furthermore, transit funding is a provincial and federal government responsibility, so should not be dumped onto cities through property taxes and development fees which are needed to fund municipal services.